Premiere: Sang Froid reveal new video for Lachrymose

Leeds art-rockers Sang Froid have returned with the second of three singles they’ve recently recorded, Lachrymose, and we’re delighted to be premiering the accompanying video right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track, Ais- the bands vocalist/keys player, says “This song is a simple mirroring of what I hear in my head all day, absolute and complete chaos with a sprinkling of sass and melodic juiciness. Easily my favourite song to play and perform because it’s such a freakshake of emotions.”

It’s dark and uncomfortable as it floats over time, taking unexpected twist and turns as it goes, somewhere between post-rock and alt-rock, the aching piano filling gaps here and there as it goes.

The video is similarly dark and sitting somewhere close to the complete chaos Ais talks of, a nightmare involving all the band playing their parts. Check it out, here

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