Premiere: Seasurfer unveils a mesmerising video for the celestial dream pop classicism of ‘My Own Eyes’.

We are very honoured to premiere the new video for the track ‘My Own Eyes’ by Hamburg artist Seasurfer. Last year’s album ‘Zombies‘ caught our attention for its mélange of goth-tinged electronica and dream pop, and Seasurfer – essentially now the solo work of Dirk Knight – is back with an EP entitled ‘Jump To The Stars’.

The EP and the single ‘My Own Eyes’ features the vocals of Porto’s Ricardo Silva Veloso (a shift from Seasurfer’s usual female vocalists) which provides a crushed velvet cloak floating over the dreamy pop wash of synths that echo, twirl and circulate inside the skull. The driving percussion creates an ethereal, reverberating beat and the drone of synths form a celestial haze in the ether. The effect is quite enchanting – a darkness leavened by the soft aquatic flow of the music and the arching melodies.

Knight says of the collaboration and his plans for the future:

I enjoy it so much working with different singers, getting inspiration and in touch with new and international musicians. This is an engine for the creative process and also makes sure that I don’t stand still and getting bored about myself. I was looking for a male singer for these two songs. I found Ricardo via my graphic designer Helder Costa from Porto. Ricardo sings totally relaxed and cool and fits so well! I will release three more singles with more new singers within the next year. You will hear German-Brazilian singer and actress Gloria de Oliveira, Stereoskop singer Susana from Spain and Laura from Hamburg, who is also singer of post-punk Band Grundeis.

Silva Veloso says of working on the EP:

The powerful ‘Jump to the Stars’ connects the heritage of postpunk with the present, and the sonic symbiosis is, in my opinion, just perfect. The bass and guitars are amazing, and this was immediately my favorite track. The dynamic between different people with different opinions is the theme presented in the lyrics. ‘My OwnEyes’ is an Indie pop track that describes a perspective one should have about the world and the way it evolved to the standards we’re living in now. The dreamy intro followed by spectacular drums easily set the tone for the vocals, and the result is incredible.

The accompanying video – created by Silva Veloso himself – is quite simple: a series of close ups of eyes which becomes quite transfixing and hypnotising as they stare into the camera lens, devoid of expression and yet filled with an intangible emotion:

The combination of the ethereal music and the gazing eyes is quite magical.

‘Mine Own Eyes’ can be found through the link below for the ‘Jump to The Skies’ EP:

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