Premiere: Shuta Hasunuma reveals first glimpse of Kirei No Kuni soundtrack with Collapse

Tokyo born Composer and electronic artist Shuta Hasunuma has returned with the first glimpse of his new album, a soundtrack for the drama series Kirei No Kuni. We’re delighted to be able to premiere the first glimpse of the album in the shape of a track, Collapse, right here today on Backseat Mafia. The album gets a vinyl issue on 12th November

The Japanese science fiction programme is very popular, and over the eight episodes Hasunuma’s music unveiled itself as well. The album drifts between analogue synthesiser works which bring to mind the music of Laurel Halo and Oneohtrix Point Never, but – as the storyline tended to dictate, theres moments where Shuta shows his orchestral touch.

Collapse is very much in the former though. Although short, it checks in at just under a minute and a half, it’s wildly colourful and experimental, sounds and blobs of melodic fragments push up against eachother, different sounds bleeding into eachother but in a vibrant and brilliant way.

Check it out, here

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