Premiere: SLOVO release new video for Enough

South London based collective SLOVO who include US hip-hop innovator Mike Ladd, Italian singer Barbarella and former Faithless guitarist amongst their number, released their new album ‘Bread & Butterflies’ back in July, and we’re absolutely delighted to premiere the new video for the track Enough right here on Backseat Mafia.

It has political statement at it’s heart, as does most of the album, with the band saying of it “In 1976 the founders of Rock Against Racism declared ‘We need Crisis music. Now music. Music that knows who the real enemy is’. I believe the same is true today. ‘Enough’ is our assessment of the world as we enter the third decade of the twentieth century: Pandemics climate catastrophe war and economic disparity on a scale un- imaginable to previous generations. Enough Is Enough. Slovo exists to contribute to a movement capable of changing the world. This song is our mission statement.”

The track sees Barbarella’s vocal quivering over this electro-almost trip-hop style backing, the stuttering, repeated patterns of the verse giving way to a sprawling wash of electronic sound in the chorus. As it prowls its way through it gives way to menacing countdowns and jagged jazz saxophones. Check out the barbs and sentiment in the lyrics though – ‘they trade guns for gasoline / time to break the machine’ being just a sample of the vitriol served, albeit dresssed in beautiful flowing melodies.

Check it out as the atmospheric jarring colours of the vidoe seem to match the track, here

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