Say Psych: Playlist 7/2016

This weeks Psych Insight playlist features a load of new tracks, together with a couple of things from last year that I missed at the time but are really worth catching up with. Enjoy!


Brutal Beach by Quetzal Snakes

Quetzal Snakes hail from Marseille, France and are just about to embark of an extensive tour of North American. Although released last year, I totally missed the band’s ‘II’ album (on xvii-records). Once I heard it though I just had to share it on here, have a listen to see if you are blown away like me.


Hey Lord, Hey Baby by Chicos de Nazca

I saw Chicos de Nazca at last year’s Liverpool Psych Fest and though they were great. Hailing from Chile they are one of the seemingly unending supply of records on Santiago’s BYM Records.



Unwelcome Light by Crows

I went to see GNOD and Blown Out play in Utrecht, Netherlands last week at a King’s Day party. The organisers has put on a second stage in the venue (DB’s), which I where I had my first taste of Crows amazing live show. Occupying what seemed to be a point between Joy Division and Pissed Jeans (in terms of both music and performance). Crows seared through a forty five minute set what will live every bit as long in my memory as the bands I actually went to see. Here is a track of the bands really good EP, Unwelcome Light, out now.


On The Road by Birthday Noose

I came across Birthday Noose thanks to Andy Uzzell’s excellent Dayz of Purple and Orange. This is one of a handful of garage bands who seem to be revitalising a scene that has been a bit dormant for the fast few years. Fast, punk, fantastic.


Microdose by The Orange Kyte

The Orange Kyte is an experimental music project from Vancouver in Canada with a manifesto to release monthly singles in various shapes and forms varying in fidelity and approach but always drawing heavily from a love of ethereal tones, fuzz, reverberation and all things psychedelic. It is a project of the marvellously names Stevie Moonboots who, on this second outing has enlisted the help of Conor Paxton (Buffalo Sunn, Keys), Mike Brown (Slumberland, Percussion) and Jason Corbett (ACTORS, Programming, additional 12 string acoustic guitar and tambourine). The video for this track also provides this weeks featured image coming as it does from Dan Agnew’s 1968 short film, ‘Doppler Effect – Version II’


Bad Texan by Lucid Dream

Bad Texan is from Lucid Dream’s new EP, of the same name, that was released back in March. It shows that the band are continuing to develop as a unit, and I imagine that this track will be great live. The EP is out on Holy Are You Recordings.



Minstrel’s Gallop by Holy Wave

Austin, Texas based five piece Holy Wave have released some new visuals for their track Minstrel’s Gallop, taken from their latest album Freaks of Nurture, out now on The Reverberation Appreciation Society records. It is the sort of smooth and shimmering sort of psychedelia that we have come to expect from the band, and one to look out for if summer ever arrives.



Perpetual Ebb by Institute

Another album from last year that I’ve only just picked up on is ‘Catharsis’ by Institute, on the Sacred Bones label. When I heard it I was immediately taken with Institute’s raw punk sound, typical of a number of bands on that label such as Destruction Unit and Pop. 1280.


Wild Jorge by Woven Skull

Woven Skull hail from Ireland and describe their music as “Minimal Repetitions Made Inside of Haunted Woods & Burning Bogs”. This sums up the band really well with its beautiful, brittle and translucent music that occupies a space with you long after to has finished.


Quad – The Heads (Live at Roadburn 2015)

“I now understand why The Heads are so revered, and why people travel much further to see them than the would do other bands. I have no idea whether I have seen The Heads at their best over the last year. What I do know is that I have seen one of the best bands this I have ever witnessed in over 35 years of gigging, and that the Roadburn crew have perfectly captured what I have been fortunate enough to witness for myself. So if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, or your a far more seasoned fan of the band than I will ever be…this could well be the recording to get. It’s brutal and it’s brilliant: get it and you with get them!”

Read the full review of ‘Burning Up With… The Heads here



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