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Dimorphodons is a multi-instrumental artist, producer, guitar builder, eccentric and visionary who describes his sound as “the fantasy world I’d like to live in”. He is currently working on his debut album planned for 2021 but in the mean time has unleashed ‘Searching for Dimorphodons’, the title track of Dimorphodons’ forthcoming debut EP. It constitutes a transcendental, transformative and searing freak beat hymn sung from the dual perspectives of palaeontologist Mary Anning and a long extinct proto-bird. An intense exorcism of rattling drums, 12-string electric guitars, a delirious meandering melody, and sunshine pop harmonies, ‘Searching for Dimorphodons’ is a pre-historic tone poem-meets-swamp-rock; a creative and omnivorous take on psychedelia.

Exploring the external reach of our dreams and the tension between the life desired and the life attained, Searching for Dimorphodons is told from the perspective of an unexpected protagonist, Mary Anning, and her discovery of the first paleontological creature to be found with the power of flight. It is indicative of the forthcoming debut EP in its trawl through psychedelic palaces and off-piste historical moments, with each EP track representing a different time and place, ranging from the mid-Jurassic to the present day.

Strangely, the video for ‘Searching for Dimorphodons’, filmed in a pre-Covid world, features social distancing and masks, with a line-up including a guitar-slinging plague doctor.

Things don’t get much more psychedelic than this…