Say Psych: Track: Saccades – Islands Past

Saccades, the solo project of The KVB’s Nicholas Wood, is today announcing the Flowing Fades LP and sharing the first single, ‘Islands Past’, the LP is set for release on Fuzz Club Records on 9 April.

Where Wood’s work in The KVB trades in minimalist post-punk/coldwave, the Manchester-based artist’s solo material under the Saccades moniker is an exercise in escapist pop. Talking about ‘Island’s Past’, he says: “This is the first track I worked on for the album and I think it is the clearest link between the first Saccades album and this new one. It’s a song about the effect nostalgia and memory has on our lives. Trying to move forward but knowing that the past is always there behind you. Sometimes it’s good to look back, but then sometimes it’s not and it’s about trying to get that balance right within you. The initial musical idea came about through me trying to recreate the opening chords from the soundtrack to Taxi Driver on guitar.”

The lysergic, sun-soaked ‘Islands Past’ is a melting pot of blissed-out synths, languid psychedelic guitars and dreamy vocals. It brings together lazy summer days and memories of better times, which lets face it, we could all use right now. It like a dose of sunshine for the soul, a real feel good track.

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