Say Psych: Track: The Goa Express – GOA/Kiss Me

The Goa Express are a five piece from Burnley who despite their young age are garnering fans and media interest country wide. They offer music drenched in feel good energy and with a number of key support slots and festival appearances, they announce their AA single ‘GOA’, to be released on 11th August 2017 on limited edition sky blue vinyl via Wrong Way Records.

‘GOA’ is a pacey track with hazy guitar riffs, catchy lyrical content, evanescent yet lingering synth notes and an empowered rhythm section. ‘Kiss Me’ channels a vibe straight from the 60s Californian coast with a touch of blues and garage rock thrown in for good measure.

The Goa Express create soundscapes drenched in imagery and their tracks would feel at home perfectly in the esteemed Nuggets collection. With only just over a year behind them, these lads are set to become the ones to watch as they proceed on their musical journey.




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