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The debut album from Melbourne’s Wild Meadows is, quite simply put, a promise delivered. Last year we enthusiastically reviewed their debut single ‘Feel the Noise’ and observed it was a ‘classic shoegaze anthem redolent with swirling vocals, waves of sparkling guitar and gob-smacking choruses grander than the Simpson Desert’. The self titled album – available from 3 March – indicates this was no flash in the pan.

The single, ‘Feel the Noise’, of course, is magnificent:

From the opening assault of ‘First Exit’ with its full frontal Stone Roses guitar attack and an insistent, driving bass to tracks like “These Days” with its Johnny Marr-esque chiming guitars and jangly goodness, this album displays a band full of creativity and new ideas while paying tribute to their musical roots. Yes, there is no doubt the album is shoegaze daubed with streaks of dream pop and psych, but Wild Meadows are able to break past these labels to create their own unique sound.

Fourth track, ‘Fever’, for example recalls Curve and Garbage with co-vocalist Jessica Lawrence’s disinterested snarling tone over the rumbling aggressive rhythm and wild unhinged guitars of James Ross and Dylan Bird. ‘Stay For A While’ – my personal favourite – is awe-inspiring expansive dream pop anthem, uplifting, romantic yet melancholic and a chorus to make you swoon. Ross takes over the vocals in ‘Evergreen’, a classic indie pop song from the same genetic code as The Byrds through to classic Creation and Postcard Records bands, elevated by gorgeous harmonies.

Jangly guitars and Lawrence’s vocals epitomise ‘Sunshine’ – elements of Grace Slick and sixties psychedelia. The album finishes altogether too soon with ‘Uzi’, a gorgeous dream pop farwell underpinned by a military beat but with Wild Meadows’ trademark anthemic choruses that quicken the pulse.

Wild Meadows play with ethereal melodies, layered harmonies and guitars that range from full blown wah-wah-pedalled distorted wildness to arpeggiated subtlety and reverb-soaked waves. The album is a bold and ambitious debut that delivers.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Paul ‘Woody’ Annison (Black Cab, Rocket Science) and mastered by William Bowden (The Church, Gotye), Wild Meadows’ self-titled album is set for release on Friday March 2, 2018 on vinyl and digitally. You can pre-order the album here.

You can also listen to the new single ‘First Exit here:

Wild Meadows will be launching the album in Australia at the following venues:

Saturday 7th April – Yah Yahs, Melbourne VIC
Friday 20th April – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney NSW

Wild Meadows’ current lineup consists of Jessica Lawrence(vocals), James Ross (vocals/guitar), Dylan Bird (guitar), DonovanPill (bass) and drummer Peter Giannoukas, who joined the band subsequent to this recording.

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