EP: Dorian- Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing?

Dorian is Mr Cox, the former guitarist with the Long Blondes, now in Manchester and making a return to releasing music.  A warning though, the Long Blondes this ain’t. It’s not the sound of a stylish indiepop career relaunched. Or a career of any kind really. It sounds like someone who doesn’t give a fuck doing what they want to do musically and artistically.  The template is Suicide, the fi dial on the old-skool electronics turned waaay down low – to ‘tinfoil percussion and sparse Casio beeps’. It calls to mind the sort of thing you’d get on an obscure Leeds imprint in the immediate post-punk dawn of the 80s -primitive and entirely on its own terms. Available from Bandcamp for nowt if you want.

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