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Dublin’s Fontaines D.C. have released a bleak and beautiful video for the opening track ‘I Don’t Belong to Anyone’, from their highly anticipated album ‘A Heroes Death’, due out on 31 July 2020 through Partisan Records.

‘I Don’t Believe In Anyone’ is a brooding, declarative track that has all the hallmarks of the unique sounds being produced by this band, with singer Grian Chatten’s distinctive punk poetry rolling over the twin guitar sound and pounding rhythm section. As a reflection perhaps of their maturing sound and attitude, this is the antithesis to some of the tracks off their debut album ‘Dogrel’: more sombre and reflective. Chatten says:

This song is a dismissal of the expectations of other people who consider themselves loyal to you. We wanted it to be a statement, almost like the anti-“Big” [opening song on ‘Dogrel’], which is why we put it as the first song on the new album. This sentiment of not belonging can be liberating in a way, but it’s also lonely and sad. We wanted to show both sides of that type of loneliness.

One verse is about a soldier who has his bravery commended by his country, but throws his medal down and refuses to accept the commendation. He sees it as a hijacking and commodification of his principles. The other verse is about someone causing a ruckus in a bar, refusing to be enticed by any sort of friendliness and kindness, wanting to remain in the wrong corner. I had a few cans before I recorded the vocals, I wanted it to sound like I was playing the role of embittered barfly and feel like the soundtrack of someone swaying themselves home after a cold night out – full of principles but surrounded by nobody.

The video is beautiful and simple, reflecting the rawness of the lyrics and was directed remotely by FDC bassist Connor Deegan III. Deegan says:

I remotely directed the video from Co.Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland, where I am from. It was shot on location on the east coast of Ireland, in Skerries, where Grian is from.

Grian’s character goes on a walk, passing by all these places. He’s telling us this dramatic story that slowly grows as the verses go on. At the start you do and you don’t really get a sense of the anxiety or negativity to come. It’s buried under the surface. At the end he submerges himself, completely consumed by his inner thoughts finally coming out into the world

This is a band that is proving that its spectacular debut was no accident. You can preorder ‘A Hero’s Death’ here and the tracklist is:

  1. I Don’t Belong
  2. Love Is The Main Thing
  3. Televised Mind
  4. A Lucid Dream
  5. You Said
  6. Oh Such A Spring
  7. A Hero’s Death
  8. Living In America
  9. I Was Not Born
  10. Sunny
  11. No
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