Ghosts of Helag have released an absolutely gorgeous slice of sweet synth pop in their new track ‘Chemistry’. Layers of bubbling synth stream under melancholic, mesmerising vocals, evoking a sense of a dreamy dark landscape and endless, restless movement. Indeed, according to singer Teresa Woischiski, the track was born out of a night time journey:

The song was written in January this year on a foggy late night drive from Vienna to Prague. We didn’t meet many cars and it was a very dense fog so it felt a bit like driving through outer space.

There is certainly a Lynchian feel to the atmospheric sounds – bringing to mind artists like M83 or Air:

Utterly delicious. Chemistry’ is out now through all the usual streaming and download sites.

Ghosts of Helag are duo Teresa Woischiski and John Alexander Ericson who are based in Berlin, having originated from Sweden.