BIRMINGHAM’S bubblegum punk legends We’ve Got a Fuzzbox And We’re Going To Use It are back – with a shiny reimagining of the X-Ray Spex classic “I Can’t Do Anything”. 

The seed to take on Poly Styrene’s first-wave punk number was sown at last year’s Polyfest: a celebration of the X-Ray Spex singer held each year in Camden, at which Fuzzbox paid tribute alongside The Vibrators, The Ruts, Youth, and The Specials featuring Neville Staple.

With the pandemic scotching the live aspect of this year’s seventh celebration, the decision was taken to pay homage this year by a range of artists releasing a series of tracks. 

Fuzzbox  – spearheaded by founder members, singer Vix Perks and keyboard player Maggie Dunne – also have a box set on the horizon, overviewing the band’s career since their debut singles for Vindaloo Records way back in 1986.