YOU MAY not know him by name, but it’s pretty much a dead cert that you’ve heard Jarrel The Young’s work; the Toronto-based producer has been at the faders for everyone from David Guetta to Tory Lanez to Fall Out Boy.

He’s stepped out to the public-facing side of things with his second EP, due soon, from which he’s just dropped the video for the cool, smooth, modern R’n’B of “Paris In The Fall”. It’s got autumnal romance in its veins.

 Jarrel says: There are elements in the past that ground you, and remind you where you came from. No matter how far you are or how fast you are moving, you know those elements will never leave you.

“There is a longing to be reunited with moments from the past.

“‘Paris In The Fall’ speaks to living a new life, and still having things and people in your past that you can’t let go and constantly miss. From my personal experience that has been my wife and my child.

“Travelling the world making music is a fast-paced dream, but nothing makes me happier then speaking to my family.

“The perfect moment would be flying my family in to join me wherever I’m working.”

The EP, Virtue 2, is coming very soon. In the meantime, follow Jarrel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.