See: Postdata reveals new video for Twin Flames

Photo credit: Michael Gorman

Halifax, Canada indie rocker Postdata have unveiled a new video for the track Twin Flames, the title track from Postdata‘s (aka Paul Murphy) forthcoming album, out on March 5th via Paper Bag Records.

Of the track, Murphy says “This was initially an instrumental track. I think that’s all I was going for at first. Ali suggested slowing it down and maybe trying to do some spoken word over top.. I worked on it that night and made some headway. I took a couple days to really work out the melody and structure of the lyric/song within it. Matt has a bit of a jazz background so we felt something free form on the drums would be cool.. his performance is the glue of the track for me.. really brings it all together.. 

Lyrically its about weathering storms. It’s a love song but also felt really poignant personally during full pandemic lockdown this idea of weathering storms. Enduring them. Inhabiting them. Becoming them.

Twin Flames paws and pads at your heart right from the off, with these shiimmering cymbals and heartache filled guitars, and as it flowers, so thats the case, with Murphy’s poetic lines wrapped up in a melody heavily weighed down with melancholy. as it continues, so the vocal harmonies and brass only add to those feelings.

Beautifully sad.

Check out the video, directed and animated by Christopher Mills, here

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