SEE: Rachika Nayar – ‘Losing Too Is Still Ours’: a fiery, otherworldly study in processed guitar and voice

Rachika Nayar

THE BROOKLYN-based ambient composer and audio-visual artist Rachika Nayar, who we’ve covered in these pages previously when we took a look at her previous single drop, “The Trembling Of Glass”, has shared a hazy, impressionistic video for new single “Losing Too Is Still Ours”, which features the poet YATTA; take a dive below.

Along with that first single, it’s a sneak peek at what to expect from her forthcoming album, Our Hands Against The Dusk, out March 5th on NNA Tapes.

“Losing Too Is Still Ours” begins in guitars, melded in the processing forge to take on other sonic characteristics, ululating, crying forth with the heat of extruded wire, cyclical, thrilling; a perfect molten bed in which YALLA sings wordlessly from some other world.

The song title stems from a Rainer Maria Rilke poem of great personal importance to Rachika, and is accompanied by a dreamlike video in hazy blue filter, again conceived and directed by Rachika, fashioned from memory and mystery and dream state.

Written over the past four years, Nayar’s debut winds through vivid recollection – ecstasy, ambivalence, grief, and calm, all built from an initial seed of looped guitars into exhilarating and experimental sound, full of depth and sustain and inventiveness.

Rachika Nayar’s Our Hands Against The Dusk will be released by NNA Tapes on digital and cassette formats on March 5th; you can pre-order your copy from the label now.

Follow Rachika on FacebookInstagram, at Bandcamp and at NNA Tapes.

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