See: Sir Was releases new video for Revoke

With his track ‘In the midst’ all over the airwaves right now, and his debut album ‘Digging a tunnel’ due to drop via City Slang on March 10th, Joel Wästberg aka Gothenburg artist Sir Was is in a good place right now, and has released a new video for the track Revoke.

Revoke is this shuffling dreamy affair, mixing up elements of hip-hop, soul and a smattering of electronica. As with ‘In the Midst’, Wästberg shows he can write killer tunes, and set them up with smouldering harmonies, with his angelic, delicate vocal flitting over the top.

Directed by Swedish artist Fredrik Egerstrand who also directed sir Was’ previous videos for ‘In The Midst’, ‘Falcon’ & ‘A Minor Life’, Egerstrand spoke about how the two came to work together for the ‘Revoke’ video – “We met in the forest one shady night, while recording a video for Junip. Joel wanted to do a video at this very spot, the Pub Aberdeen. It’s a place we both pass daily. There is a common feeling in all the videos we try to accomplish. They all growth from where sir Was music origins. From a working class point of view. There is no stylish things going on, but hopefully there is human touch in every video.”

Adding to this, sir Was said the following about the video, “We might be stuck with our situation in life, our regrets and our wish for things to be different from what they are but sometimes between our dreams of something else there are glimpses of beauty and the ability to enjoy it.”

Check it out, here

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