Album Review: SERA – When I Wake Up

Sera Zyborska, has written an 11-track album incorporating the best of folk, roots and Americana, to create a haunting work of creation.

Working and writing with producer Andi Crutwell-Jones, the album focuses on real stories incorporating tales of love, loss, anxiety, relationships with the odd folk tale of witchery and ancestry thrown into this veritable cauldron of music.

Lead single ‘Switch’ is the crossover hit; a brooding piece of boldness full of bewitching energy and blistering surprises which is in stark contrast to the rest of the album which follows a more well trod path of folklore music.

Yet there are great moments weaved into this album from ‘Boxes’ a song about coping with a relationship break up reminiscent of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable to rival how women compartmentalise the passing of time and people; yet it has this lilt and honesty running throughout the composition.

Lead track ‘Into the Woods’ is a bit of bombastic pleasure, a crowd pleaser with a driving rhythm underpinning the tale of forestry discovery.

Grief and loss is touched upon track ‘Ghosts and the Past’ a sombre tale but one that shows the range of Sera’s ability and her love of folk in perfect unison creating something uniquely powerful and moving.

This is a wonderful album with something for everyone and even for people who are not familiar with folk music especially. A solid 8.5 for this surprising album revelation.

When I Wake Up is out from CEG Records

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