Sundance Review: Girl Picture

Rönkkö, Emma and Mimmi

Growing up has perhaps never been more difficult than it is today. While, in theory, young people have never had so much opportunity and connectivity, this all comes at a price. The same technological advances that allow myriad possibilities opens up a Pandora’s Box of dangers. Forced to live in the moment, any error of judgement can stay with you for life. Anxiety and depression are rife, driven by a constant reminder of your own inadequacies. Girl Picture follows three teenagers struggling to define their own identity.

Mimmi (Aamu Milonoff) and Rönkkö (Eleonoora Kauhanen) are best friends who work in a foodhall after school. Rönkkö is desperate to experience a sexual relationship, but isn’t sure how to go about it. Mimmi feels alienated from most of her peers, struggling to work out where she fits in now her mother has a new family. When Emma (Linnea Leino), a young talented ice skater, comes into her life, she wrestles with issues of trust and self-worth.

Girl Picture is a vibrant portrait of three young women trying to understand their sexuality and what they want from life. Alli Haapasalo’s does a great job of avoiding the usual pitfalls and chiches of coming-of-age films. The narrative feels fresh and singular, putting her complex characters in familiar situations, but allowing them to forge their own path. Girl Picture is a lively and intelligent drama which tackles a number of issues with a great deal of empathy.

Girl Picture screens at Sundance Film Festival.

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