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Album Review : Oneohtrix Point Never’s ‘Age Of’

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Premiere : Hear New OPN Single “Black Snow”; Watch Video

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Music News : Oneohtrix Point Never Announce New Album ‘Age Of’, Out June 1st

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Daniel Lopatin’s musical worlds are labyrinthine to say the least. A Oneohtrix Point Never record is like some vast, crystalline museum where you bask in the beauty of art, ancient objects, and philosophies that you don’t quite understand but they entrance you nonetheless. Lopatin curates walks through his psyche with each successive record; each one …

June can’t get here soon enough, guys. Seriously, I’m giddy like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. OPNs Age Of will be released onto the world, which is the first studio LP from Daniel Lopatin’s long-running musical identity since 2015s Garden of Delete(that’s not counting his excellent Good Time S/T.) I’ve been anxiously …

Daniel Lopatin has been on one hell of a creative streak the last 2 1/2 years. First he released the groundbreaking Oneohtrix Point Never record Garden Of Delete, which to my ears was a next level album. That record took everything he’d culminated and built since his debut with Betrayed in the Octagon in 2007 …