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ALBUM REVIEW: Bastien Keb – ‘The Killing Of Eugene Peeps’: an essential novel of an album

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Album Review: Isle of Dogs – Original Soundtrack

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WITH musical scores for the BBC/AMC series McMafia and the Storyville strand documentary Locked In, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Franz Kirmann’s latest single, “Saudade”, in collaboration with Roberto Grosso, should be so damn cinematic. Dark and sweeping electronica with a classic Sixties shimmering, twangy guitar riff draped over the top for …

Dale Berning’s The Horse Stories is humble, in the very best way; it delights in the tiny and the everyday with a surreal wonder. It has eagle-eyed focus; it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s often as close as music can get to absolute quietude while still retaining a sense of melody and spatial wizardry. If you loved the Clicks + Cuts series of compilations, Ryoji Ikeda, Colleen or Jan Jelinek; The Boats, Alva.Noto, any of these artists who travel deep into the magical, miniaturised web of pure sound, then this record is so, so top of your shopping list. Bravo, Flau, for making it available again.

There’s always that caveat with a soundtrack that this is music in service to another artform. But Island Of The Hungry Ghosts is a sonic film in itself. It wholly lets the soul of the island through and onto your record deck. If you’re a fan of labels like Touch, Kranky, this is so a record for you.

Anu Mosir is a gorgeous way to spend a quarter of an hour of your time. Put it on repeat, let it maybe move beyond a rudely fractional usage of your day

“IT WAS an honor to have been asked to write a song for this culturally vital documentary,” says singer-songwriting legend Ben Harper of “Black Beauty”, the song he’s dropped the video for today. “After watching Black Boys and discussing it in-depth with [director] Sonia Lowman, I went immediately to work on composing ‘Black Beauty.’  “I’m old-school …

Lake On Fire is eerie post-classical beauty for the short film of that name: evocative and chilling work from a real talent

The Killing Of Eugene Peeps is an album that hits the previously uncharted sweet spot between Americana, 60s’ European soundtracks and hiphop. It’s clever, reflexive, intriguing, questioning. One of the records of the year. Buy.

SCARFOLK is a fictional Northern English town created by Richard Littler, a place forever trapped in a 70s’ dystopia. Starting life as a fake blog by the town council, it soon developed into books, posters and various other parodies. Inspiration came from public information Films and kids’ TV of the era, both of which had …

Out on August 29th for Record Store Day is a new pressing of Toto’s score for the 1984 fantasy science fiction film, Dune, the epic tales of a time – 10191 to be exact, when the planet Arrakis – home to the most valuable substance in the universe, melange, has caused the Harkonnens to violently …

HANNAH PEEL, the Irish-born, Yorkshire-resident artiste who moves freely between folk, classical and retrotronica, finding beautiful nuance in each, is to release her soundtrack for the new Channel 5 psychological thriller The Deceived, which has been airing this week. The Deceived is a four-part drama written by Lisa McGee, the authorial talent behind Derry Girls. …