Indie rock band Able Raise The Cain are set to release their first track of the year with the huge sounding ‘Baptism Of Fire’

Regarding the release the band comments:

“‘Baptism Of Fire’ is a dark brooding ascending tornado of a song, featuring the rambling musings of a madman (rather Apt for the current climate), it is taken from an interview with one of the most infamous cult leaders of all time. His twisted explanations punctuated by massive Choruses of the repeated mantra ‘It’s a Baptism Of Fire’.”

“Experimental, eerie sounds fill the landscape as it builds up to an almighty crescendo of flailing drums and screaming guitars, dark and deliberate it’s a Baptism of noise.”

Surreal synths sit under the aforementioned surreal ramblings with a rock beat to keep things grounded. The track sounds sonically huge as it bubbles and builds with the simple 5 word chorus. There’s so much going on here as the band steadily increase the intensity. This would sound such a cool track to open a gig with in all its cinematic glory. An atmospheric lead guitar sweeps in grabbing your attention and is the cherry on top of one hell of track.

Check it out, here

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