Track: Alt-Rockers E-PO Share Second Single ‘Outcry’

Capturing an essence of early 2000’s emo rock whilst retaining a biting freshness with a tint of garage rock to their sound, E-PO share their biting, high octane second single ‘Outcry’.

Blending boxy, high energy drums with driving, distorted guitar riffs and grounding bass, the track quickly captures a biting, overbearing intensity. The silky, beautifully controlled, and though it sounds like a lazy comparison, Hayley Williams-esque lead vocals soon enter, giving the track a central hook and offering another dimension to the dark rock soundscape.

Deceptively catchy, emotive and musically haunting yet energetic ‘Outcry’ is a great representation of this up and coming trio’s potential.

Discussing ‘Outcry’ the band explain: “Our new single lyrically explores themes of government and media control and how we are affected by it as well as how we facilitate it. Acting as a call to arms, the lyrics examine the lack of agency and privacy afforded to people in their everyday lives through a lens of dystopian, Orwellian imagery.”

Listen below:

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