Noisy London three piece Amber had a motto upon entering the recording studio. “If it can’t be done live, it can’t be done”. It was from this motto that their latest single ‘David Dimbleby’ was born.

As lead singer Ben Kelly explains: “There’s only three of us and we want to sound not just big, but HUGE. We achieve this by really spending time on the arrangements. It’s rare to have a moment in a song where at least one of us isn’t quite busy.

We’re trying to tell a story as band, it’s an angstful story but it’s hopeful too. You know those deep conversations at the end of a boozy night when there’s only a few of you still standing? That’s usually us and those moments seed our songs, no topic is off limits and all styles are allowed. There’s even a weird little baroque inspired instrumental breaking up the ska in the new single.”

David Dimbleby is this intriguing and somewhat beguiling track that races off and slows, blasts into life and suddenly stops to look behind it. It’s a mix of brass heavy ska, grunge, punk and indie pop that feels exciting as if it could fall apart at any time, and yet still drags you along for the ride.

Check it out, here