Track: Annie Hamilton’s crackling new track ‘Electric Night’ sparkles with verve, intensity and a dreamy shoegaze edge

Feature Photograph: Michelle Pitiris

Multi-talented Australian musician, visual artist and fashion designer Annie Hamilton has just unveiled her sparkling new single ‘Electric Night’, and it is a brilliant and immersive slice of dream pop shoegaze that seems to embed the soul of Siouxsie and the Banshees deep inside its genes. The electric electronica in the instrumentation encompasses the drama of MGMT and the bejewelled glitter of bands like New Order.

Vaulting melodies and shimmering instrumentation seem to capture the shock and awe of lightning and thunderstorms – a magical feature of late evening celestial drama that brings relief to the heat in the Sydney summer. The track is imbued with a sense of theatricality and pose, as dramatic as the landscapes within which it was written. You can almost smell the petrichor, the gum leaves and the scent of lavender in the air, all expressed in deeply romantic and heady lyrics:

In the electric night
under the light of the waxing moon and dull festoon
come lie on the table
come over when you’re able to
we can watch the bats fly up into the black night

It is a beautiful track and accompanied by a cinematic video, directed and edited by Hamilton – all purple hues, bats drifting across the darkened skies and rain drizzle fuzziness that captures the faint sense of chaos during the storm:

This has to be one of the stand out track of the year for me. ‘Electric Night’ is out through [PIAS] Australia and you can download and stream here.

Feature Photograph: Michelle Pitiris

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