Track: Anthony Hamilton Makes A Powerful Statement In New Single Mercy (ft Tamika D. Mallory)

Singer, songwriter, producer and actor, Anthony Hamilton makes an important statement with his new single “Mercy” [feat. Tamika D. Mallory] via his own label My Music Box

About the song, he comments, 

“I wrote ‘Mercy’ almost a year ago. I wanted to use my ‘man voice.’ It sounds like a guy who is in an honest and vulnerable—but not weak—stance. Have a moment of mercy for the man telling the story, going through life, and facing these changes. It just so happened that with the pandemic and racial injustice, things started looking like the past. It was like the sixties were happening once more. We’re going into racial division. Black men are being killed. I’m asking, ‘Will we be an endangered species? Will we be attacked for the rest of our lives?’ Damn, we’ve been through enough already. At the end of the song, it mentions these days won’t last for long. There’s always a moment when it turns around for good. This is a song for every man—not just men of colour—but any man who’s ever struggled, had the needs of his family on his back, and the pressure to make it happen day-to-day.”

Regarding the inclusion of Tamika, he goes on to say, “She is the voice of our generation. Not only is she powerful with her words, but her actions as well. She moves things forward with the righteousness of the people. I wanted that energy to be somewhere in my music. Tamika is a force to be reckoned with.”

With a voice like his you really don’t need much else. Deep bass, the twinkling of a piano and softly played guitar and you have all you need. Especially when you open with Tamika and her powerful voice and message.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Hamilton’s Website or Facebook

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