TRACK: Ariel Pink – ‘She’s Gone’: garage-punk cover announces next reissue cycle

Ariel Pink, photographed by Alisa Daniels

LA’S hallucinatory pop explorer Ariel Pink is revving up for the next phase of his reissue programme, delving right back to the beginning of Haunted Graffiti days with the third and fourth instalments of Ariel Archives.

The reissue programme for Mexican Summer will see cycles 3 and 4 hit the world on January 29th next year.

Cycle 3 will see the dual release of Odditties Sodomies Vol. 1 and Sit n’ Spin; while cycle 4 will consist of Odditties Sodomies Vol. 3 and Scared Famous/ FF>>. 

All four records have been remastered from the original tapes and mixed in true stereo. 

As a little teaser of what’s in store, Ariel’s allowed a little leak in the shape of an excellent take on The Dovers’ garage-punker from 1965 “She’s Gone” – scarce as hell on the original, and a cracker which somehow evaded the nets of the Pebbles compilers; it’s gt that rush and haze which is so obscure garage and also totally Ariel. Nice. Have a listen below.

Conceived long before its first official release in 2008, Odditties Sodomies Vol. 1 was compiled by Ariel Pink to collect the best of the waifs and strays which hadn’t made it onto the half-dozen preceding albums in his catalogue: Underground, The Doldrums, Scared Famous/FF>>House Arrest, Lover Boy and Worn Copy.

Also included in cycle 3 is Sit n’ Spin, which focuses on the singles, EPs and unreleased sessions recorded by Ariel in the years leading up to 2010 after a five-year recording hiatus.

Cycle 4 concludes the programme with Odditties Vol. 3, a collection of unreleased material recorded 1997-2004; and Scared Famous/FF>> is cited as a fan favourite which still sounds weird ‘n’ great 20 years on.

All four albums in the latest and last round of Mexican Summer’s Ariel Pink reissue programme are available to pre-order now over at the label’s online store – or from your reliable local record retailer.

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