Track: Astari Nite releases the gloriously gothic track ‘Pocketful of Posies’ along with a lush, enigmatic and playful video.

Astari Nite have perfected a deep dark gothic songwriting craft that is deliciously enjoyable, poised and full of swagger. The new single, ‘Pocketful of Posies’ does not deviate: it is another elegantly crafted slice of gothic heaven – lead singer Mychael’s voice sonorous and powerful, the instrumentation insistent and driving.

Mychael enigmatically says of the track:

It seems in life we are only allowed a few hellos before goodbye sounds more appropriate and curiosity never killed the cat.

There is a bright pop synth riff and syncopated rhythm that provides an upbeat spine to the haunting vocals: adding up to something anthemic and bold.

The accompanying video is surprisingly playful, even through the black/purple haze and gothic attire. Directed by videographer Freyja Lilith, it portrays an imaginary friend and a mysterious atmosphere:

‘Pocket Full of Posies’ is out through Negative Gain and can be downloaded/streamed here and through the link below:

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