Track: Bertie Newman Shares Heartfelt New Offering ‘I Will’

Singer-Songwriter Bertie Newman shares the heartfelt, delicate and atmospheric new single ‘I Will’. The London based artist showcases his ear for sensitive songwriting with a warming sense of honesty and melancholy within both the track lyricism and performance which makes it a captivating listen.

A flowing, understated sound pallet of overlapping reverb tinted guitar lines under Newman’s breathy, gentle vocal delivery opens the track before layers of piano, subtle electronic bass and wide drums enter in the tracks anthem chorus. As the track progresses introducing subtle moments of experimental production and a series of beautiful lifting melodies, the tracks stunning, Bibio, Rhodes and early Bon Iver-esque tone is emphasised.

Speaking on the track, Newman shares: “‘I Will’ explores the shift of my past pre conceptions and associations with particular objects, places and people to how I feel now. I wanted to show the change in my mental state by making an ultimately happy and hopeful song, sound somber, just as I once felt.”

A soothing, sincere and understated track with moments of blissful beauty, ‘I Will’ is a brilliant effort and an exciting example of Bertie Newman’s growing potential as an artist.

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