Track: Beyond The Black – Reincarnation


German symphonic metal superstars Beyond The Black have returned after a bang with the release of their new single ‘Reincarnation’, two years after the highly anticipated record ‘Horizons’. 

Jennifer Haben proclaims:

“Reincarnation materialised from a growing recognition of our mortality as humans and the consequent responsibility to live our lives to the fullest. This responsibility means to stand up for yourself, relentlessly fight for your values and also confront your biggest fears. Reincarnation is about becoming your true self and starts a new, epic chapter. This is Beyond the Black! And Beyond the Black is back!”

An epic fantastical track that is fit to bursting with musical brilliance. Thunderous drumming and driving melodies come together on the huge chorus where the band strike the perfect balance between the symphonic and metal elements of their sound. Haban is very much in charge with her powerful vocal performance matched by the rest of the band.

Check it out, here

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