BLUE STATES, the gorgeous, cultish, chilled electronica pop project of Andy Dregazis, has dropped some new widescreen vibes in the shape of “Archival” – listen with us.

It’s actually culled from an EP entitled Trinity Tapes, which will be an accompanying expansion of the forthcoming reissue of his acclaimed breakthrough album Nothing Changes Under The Sun, which Memphis Industries will be reissuing on October 30th to mark its twentieth (!) anniversary.

This will be only the second time Nothing Changes … gets a vinyl repress since its first issue; and alongside the bonus EP it’ll also come with an exclusive print, whilst stocks last.

Nothing Changes… was created by Andy, working in his bedroom on a rudimentary set-up: a sampler, a sequencer, and a few keyboards. He was almost working blind, unsure of where he was headed, but encouraged by his label and the reaction he had to early EPs such as Blue States Forever and Walkabout

That filmic vibe you get from his music? Andy studied at film school and thus had a love of Roy Budd, John Barry and Ennio Morricone. 

Blue States’ Nothing Ever Changes Under The Sun will be released on a 2xLP of one blue and one yellow disc; order from Blue States’ webstore.