Track: Bully – Running

Promo image of Alicia Bognano of Bully for Running single

Bully send us hurtling towards the release of their second album with breathtaking new track ‘Running’.

Listening to a new track from Bully always gets my heart pumping that little bit faster. So, it’s appropriate that the second single from their second album ‘Losing’ (to be released on 20 October via Sub Pop Records) is called ‘Running’.

After the intensity of ‘Feel The Same’ – the first single – ‘Running’ skips along like a heartbeat with the bassy throb carrying along Frontwoman Alicia Bognano’s stunningly pretty and equally fierce vocals.

What I adore about this track is the confessional nature of the lyrics – “I’ll admit it, I get anxious too, just like you” Bognano snarls – and the cathartic feeling in the music. On first listen it made me want to dance – in a crazy, body shaking way – to feel liberated.

Bognano explains, “overall, Running is about shamelessly keeping yourself distracted or making up excuses to avoid processing certain emotions.” It’s a very honest reflection of the shift to adulthood and the feelings that have to be faced. Everyone can relate to just wanting to duck these situations some – if not all – of the time. “The title of the record – Losing – kind of says it all,” Bognano says. “After being on the road so long and coming back to Nashville we all had a lot of changes going on in our personal lives that we were trying to deal with / adjust to and that was really the motivation for this one.”

Their debut album ‘Feels Like’ was always going to be a tough act to follow but, if the first two singles are anything to go by, Bully are definitely onto another winner with ‘Losing’.


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