Track: Charlie Clark continues his world domination of jangly indie pop with the glittering ‘Blink Of An Eye’, out through No Big Deal Music, plus news of new material from his band Astrid

Charlie Clark has been lasciviously fluttering his eyelashes at us ahead of his debut album release with a stream of jangly anthemic indie pop gems over the last year (see my reviews for the magnificent tracks ‘Don’t Have A Cow‘, ‘Late Night Drinking‘, ‘No Big Deal‘ and ‘A Bridge To Your Idol‘). While the album – ‘Late Night Drinking’ – has been delayed to early 2022, the irresistible enticement continues with the release of a new single, ‘Blink of An Eye’ on 5 November 2021.

‘Blink of An Eye’ is further confirmation that Clark has an unerring and unfettered ear for melody and sparkle, tinged with an air of deep melancholia. Opening with an almost acapella introduction with layers of glorious harmonies that float in the air, Clark muses on the vicissitudes and temporal nature of life. As the instrumentation enters the fray, a muscular fuzzy guitar etches razor sharp chemtrails in the sky underneath an insistent pounding rhythm. It is gloriously ascendant and extremely euphoric:

‘Blink Of An Eye’ will be out on Friday, 5 November 2021 and available through No Big Deal Music and all the usual download/streaming sites.

Of course the reason for the album delay is partially ascribed to Clark’s incredibly busy life since he moved from LA to Glasgow and then to Stornoway. Having initially signed to Alan McGee’s It’s Creation Baby on his return to Scotland, Clark has established his own label No Big Deal Music and released his own tracks throughout 2021 as well as a single by LA singer Clarke and the Himselfs. His original band, indie legends Astrid, has been re-awakened, signed to No Big Deal Music and is preparing to release new singles ‘Through The Darkness of Your Life’ and ‘Opposites Meet’ on 21 January 2022. A surfeit of aural happiness guaranteed.

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