Track: Deh-Yey – Danephesians 4:31

Could new contenders for the two-piece powerhouse crown be emerging from the borderlands? Chester band Deh-Yey (Cash Burns-guitar/vocals and Tom Maude-drums) show their intent to keep on pushing with a second thumping single ‘Danephesians 4:31’. Whereas last year’s release ‘Death and Politics’ was a wild ride through riffs, switches and even skanking, ‘Danephesians 4:31’ goes more direct. From the drone throb intro through some furious ripped and broken riffing and onto the thrashed-out finish, the track rumbles like Part Chimp at the pace of McClusky.

Deh-Yey seem to aim at big targets in their songs, US gun culture in their last single and biblical myth making in ‘Danephesians’ or as Cash Burns explains ‘Jesus on the Jeremy Kyle show’. This could get a bit self- righteous but the sharp lyrics, surreal wit, spoken slurs and full vent screams keep everything interesting. When the gig world opens up again a Deh-Yey show should be one to look out for. Until then ‘Danephesians 4:31’ (on Restless Bear Records) will more than keep up the momentum.

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