Track: Dolce Blue Share Moody New Indie Fizzer ‘Sugar Free’

Alt-pop outfit Dolce Blue makes a triumphant return with their enchanting, moody and effortlessly cool new track, ‘Sugar Free’.

Serving as the latest teaser for the deluxe version of their 2023 album ‘Sweet Melancholy’, the track captures an essence of swaying soul pop blended with its garage-indie sound pallet. Characterised by its distorted bass riff, bright clean guitar melodies and a punching drums create a tight indie backdrop for the shimmering, lightly distorted lead vocal delivery. Growing through its verse, chorus structure the track reaches a fuzzy guitar solo, before lulling into a hypnotic middle-eight and ending on a climactic final chorus.

Vocalist Veronica shares a comment on the track, “When I’m not making music I work freelance events, and in early 2023 I was working at this particular music festival as the artist liaison which inspired Sugar Free. I was thinking about all these big music acts, and fulfilling all their lists of requests for food, drink, and other things, and just got a bit caught up in wishing I was on the other side of things, to be one of the artists. I work to fund my music, which is hard when after it all I don’t have as much time or energy as I’d like to put into the music. So this song is me wishing that my dream of being a full time artist could be a reality.”

Since their formation in 2018, Dolce Blue has made waves in the music scene, debuting with the single ‘New White Sneakers’ and releasing their ambitious 13-track album ‘Forever Is Too Long’. Their self-recorded and produced efforts garnered attention from local and national radio stations, helping them grow their fanbase and secure a deal with esteemed label Blue Grey Pink.

Hailing from Kalamunda, Western Australia, and comprising high-school friends Veronica Zurzolo (songwriter/frontwoman), Daniel Taylor (bassist), Lachlan Casey (guitarist), and Brody Honey (drummer), the band’s chemistry is palpable, rooted in years of friendship and a shared passion for music.

Having supported notable acts such as Sly Withers, Shag Rock, and Lucy Peach, Dolce Blue is fresh from their debut nationwide tour and an unofficial showcase at BIGSOUND 2023. With the upcoming release of the deluxe version of ‘Sweet Melancholy’ and more live shows on the horizon, the band continues to evolve and captivate audiences with their catchy melodies, honest storytelling, and infectious energy.

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