Elizabeth, New Jersey rapper and producer Brainorchestra has shared a new EP, The Wizard’s Scroll. According to the artist, the record was inspired by The Immortal, the video game created by SEGA. Brainorchestra describes the The Wizard’s Scroll as a prequel to that story.

Brainorchestra says that the soundtrack is about a tale of trials, which unfold as a young wizard, (voiced by Brainorchestra), meets with his Master (voiced by Pootie), but quickly realizes that he has actually gone missing.

Track list for The Wizard’s Scroll:”

  1. “The Wizards Scroll (Mystic Spliff).”
  2. “The Outlands (Joy Road).”
  3. “The Passage (Eclipse).”
  4. “The Passage, Pt. 2 (Alive).”
  5. “The Will (Horde).”
  6. “The Entrance (Can’t See).”

Purchase the vinyl for The Wizard’s Scroll here: