Track: The Needs – Summerbore

It’s raining outside. I could happily lay my face on the table in front of me and go to sleep. And the reason I’m not is that is that playing in the background, pretty much on repeat, is Summerbore – the debut single from Norwegian power-pop punks The Needs.

Formed by Kvelertak’s guitarist Maciek Ofstad and two-time Norwegian Grammy winner Bendik Brænne, along with Brænne’s older brother and former scientist Mattis, drummer Nils Jørgen Nilsen, and Knut-Oscar Nymo of punk rockers Oslo Ess.

Taking their lead from the likes of Teenage Fanclub and The Replacements, Summerbore has that feeling of an evergreen classic, with this drop dead gorgeous chorus along with some adrenelin soaked guitars that, despite the influences, sound more like something that would come out of Black Francis’ amp (no bad thing, right?) as is powers through. It’s good time rock and roll about looking back at your teenage life and what you see is someone being “an insecure, neurotic dude, which sometimes can result in jerkish behavior” Sounds familiar. 

Check it out, here

Summerbore is out now via Jansen Records. An album, You need The Needs follows on September 6th,

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