DC, a South East London rapper, has shared a new single, “Tears, Sweat, Blood.” The artist, who released his EP, Under The Influence in 2019, is working on a new album. The video is directed by long-time collaborator LX. The song is produced by TSB. In May, DC dropped the single “Neighborhood.”

DC said in a statement: “TSB is a song that’s inspired by the overall grind and being on the end. Regardless of what goes on in our lives we still gotta keep focused on our goals and put everything into whatever we want to do.”

The rapper continues: “This ones another reflective one for me as I talk on some of the moments and situations I’ve been in and the effects it has had one. ‘In the field all day but still man pray cos my soul needs healing, still tryna ghost these demons’”  

In 2016, DC released his version of Daniel Beddingfield’s ‘Gotta Get Through This,” called “Strong.” In 2018, he released the single “No Manners.”