Track: Andro Discusses Balancing Relationships & His Career On Soulful New Single ‘Natural’

Having spent a number of years touring with the acclaimed nu-soul band Jungle, Andro now returns with his shimmering, effortlessly emotive and impactful latest solo offering ‘Natural’.

Built around a pulsing soundscape of atmospheric, modulation soaked synths, subtle guitar lines and a swaying 4 to the floor beat and warming sub bass, Andro captures an essence of expressive alt-pop. Warming, emotive and unapologetically 80s inspired, ‘Natural’ captures an expressive, almost epic feel that is lost in a lot of modern pop, relying on genuine emotion to fuel its writing and aesthetic.

Andro’s soaring vocals take centre stage as he delivers a truly stunning performance – delicate, honest and melancholic before bursting into life in the chorus adorned with pin-perfect vocal runs which showcase his impeccable talent.

Speaking about the meaning behind the single, Andro shares: “Natural is about the conflict I felt between choosing to commit in a romantic relationship or choosing my career. I chose to make room for both, but in the end the other person chose their career.”

A track deserving of widespread acclaim and commercial success, ‘Natural’ is out now, listen below:

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