TRACK: Dope Body – ‘Mutant Being’: they’re ready to hurt those guitars, bwoy

Dope Body, photographed by Lauren Hamersmith

BALTIMORE’S Dope Body are so back; they’re so ready for this and they need to make their guitars howwwwl.

They’ve dropped anudda new track to usher you towards the noise explosion of their comeback LP, Crack A Light, which is only three weeks away now … T minus …

“Mutant Being”, the beast in question, gradually climbs into life on gnarled, glowering, barely muzzled bass and guitar twin-riffage; heavy as hell, it drops over the line into the kinda blackened landscape Pigs x7 currently overlord, but dissolves into an incongruous electronic rhythm and a guitar squirming in its fuzz death throes. It’s sexy and grubby like a biker in grease-stained denim. And boy it snarls.

You need more right? Well, get Crack A Light on your shopping list. It’s dropping on October 30th; we’ll be publishing our review that very morning. We say, in sneak preview, that: “If you like a guitar best when it shrieks and howls in the grip of duress and inquisition, you sure as hell will get your fix.”

Dope Body’s Crack A Light will be released by Drag City on digital and LP formats on October 30th; there’s also various tee-shirt and vinyl bundles. Order yours here.

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