TRACK: Grizzly Coast invites you to her ‘Party of One’

FOR so many of us, music not only a delight but an escape, a world in which we can live freely and joyously; and this is just as true of the people making it as us fans listening, as Toronto’s Alannah Kavanagh, who records as Grizzly Coast, imparts of her latest single, “End of the Night,”.

She says: “‘End of the Night” was inspired by many long nights out in the Toronto music scene, having fun at shows and forgetting about whatever happened that week. 

“I’ve got social anxiety – so I’ve always been a bit averse about going to parties, but finding the music community provided me with a bedrock of cool people that I had a lot in common with and was excited to see all the time. 

“Shows became a place where I took the pressure off myself to always say the right thing because the music was so loud! I could fully immerse myself in the moment, the art, the people, and not overthink anything – a lovely privilege.”

And what we get is a brilliantly punky little buzzsaw pop song, C86 with a little more edge; perhaps think the underrated and short-lived British combo Evans the Death; a guitar-totin’ little grenade with a honeyed melody line.

“End of the Night” features on Grizzly Coast’s forthcoming debut EP,  Party of One, of which Alannah says is : “ … about the human need for community. People, including myself at times, falsely think it’s cooler to be stoic, completely independent, and removed from feeling anything real. I believe it’s far braver to ask for help when you need it, lean on your friends, and try to forge meaningful connections.”

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