Track: WaqWaq Kingdom, aka DJ Scotch Egg & KiKi Hitomi, reveal new track – Positive Sound

Japanese electronic royalty Shigeru Ishihara (DJ Scotch Egg / Seefeel) and Kiki Hitomi (ex-King Midas Sound) have teamed up for a new EP, Dokkoisho, under their WaqWaq Kingdom moniker – out on 18th September via Phantom Limb. From it the pair have released a new track, Positive Sound.

Dokkoisho is a Japanese word, an informal interjection roughly equivalent to the heavy sigh in sitting down after a long day of work. “Like telling yourself I am tired but now I relax then after I will carry on,” Kiki writes. “It is used in daily life and also for shout in Sumo match and Kabuki. It has got the meaning that you will continuously carry on. It sort of contains the encouragement meaning.

Sliding electronics and gluey synth work underpin the track, which fizzes and crackles away with chords thickening the mix as they appear and these understated vocals creeping their way into your psych as it shuffles and bristles its way through.

Terrific stuff.

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