Track: Immortal Guardian – Clocks

The Progressive/Power Metal Quartet that is Immortal Guardian have shared the video for their third single ‘Clocks’, taken from their forthcoming concept album ‘Psychosomatic’ due 12th February via M Theory Audio.

Guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian says of the new single. 

“No matter how hard we try to control our futures, history constantly repeats itself, ‘Clocks’ is a song about trying to break out of cycles that seem to inevitably repeat themselves.”

Once you get over the virtuosic skill of the intro the rest of the song sounds just as awesome with one hell of a vocal performance from Carlos Zema. The man has great range and commands a strong presence next to the impressive musicianship of the rest of the band. There’s neo classical moments, insane drumming and bass heavy enough to win over most metal fans. These guys are creating some seriously great music right now that really should be getting more widespread notice.

Check it out, here

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Track Listing:
1. Psychosomatic (5:33)
2. Read Between The Lines (6:01)
3. Lockdown (4:12)
4. Phobia (6:13)
5. Clocks (5:12)
6. Self-Isolation (0:39)
7. Goodbye To Farewells (5:50)
8. Candlelight (5:24)
9. Find A Reason (7:00)
10. New Day Rising (5:56)
Album Length: 52:06

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