Two new albums from Emma Kupa

Right from her time with Sheffield-based indiepop favourites Standard Fare, Emma Kupa has been of the most distinctive voices in the country. Both literally, with her plaintive teetering-on-the-edge vocals, and lyrically with her inghtful ruminations on people and relationships. So the promise of two new albums in the coming months is a real treat.

Her band Mammoth Penguins (along with ‘friends) is releasing John Doe in October on Where It’s At Is Where You Are. The Sailor suggests it’ll be a bit less power-pop than its predecessor, but every bit as excellent. The album pre-order and video for The Sailor are here: Mammoth Penguins Bandcamp.

In the meantime a collaboration with prolific indie eminence Darren Hayman has been extended to a new album. Simply titled The Hayman Kupa Band it’s a wonky pleasure and can be ordered in physical form from Hayman’s website.

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