Track: Jordan Kenny’s mesmerising ‘(I) Blew The Sun Away’ is a beautiful reflection of the vicissitudes of life.

Sydney-based artist Jordan Kenny has a voice that immediately puts you into a dream-like reverie – and coupled with the gentle sweep of his new single ‘(I) Blew The Sun Away’ the result is something quite enchanting. Even as the pace and intensity of the track increases with a wild, unhinged and cinematic end, there remains a psychedelic frisson throughout. Infused with a sense of melancholia, the lyrics beautifully reflect a deep sense of regret:

I blew the sun away
I blew the sun
I blew the sun away
With just one breath
I blew the sun away
Now I’m so cold

The literary approach is evident – as Kenny says, the song reflects on the dichotomies of life:

Opposites are seemingly what gives life motion and it is exactly this that I wished to express when making ‘(I) Blew The Sun Away’. In my work, I strive to encapsulate this duality of oneself using surrealist elements – concepts like the wolf and the man in Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf or in this case the clarity of the Sun versus the Breath pushing it away.

The result is something quite enchanting.

Kenny has been signed to the label Indica Australia. You can get the single through the link below or download/stream here.

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