Live Review: Terrorvision – Sheffield Corporation, Sheffield 09.09.2022

Phil Pountney

Wow, just wow, another Terrorvision gig, another absolutely mind numbing, sweat evoking, and downright feel good party. But let’s rewind 90 minutes and break down this colossal event in all of its glory. 

As the clock struck 9 o’clock, the lights went down and the packed corporation was treated to a blistering ‘Enteralterego’, and from the off this was set to be an absolutely crazy and mesmerising celebration of all things Terrorvision. 

Tony was his usual energetic self, pogoing around the stage, giving his usual 110% to every second he was up on the Sheffield stage. Mark took up his signature stage right home and anchored the wing down with his usual confidence and coolness that only he could pull off with such grace and composure, allowing his fingers to work the fretboard, navigating it with complexity and beauty, generating near perfect renditions of the infamous Terrorvision riffs, chords and aural straplines. 

The set was crammed with classic after classic, an ear bursting ‘American TV’ with the majority of the volume coming from the word perfect happy go lucky crowd and then an almost completely stripped back ‘Tequila’, certainly different to the track which saw the band find commercial fame, but the new version is fast becoming the new live classic rather than churning out the radio friendly form. 

As the band launched into the second half of the set, it really was classic after classic, and far too many to just list in this review, although it would be rude of me not to flag some of the highlights. ‘Celebrity Hit List’ was the most enthusiastic I’ve ever witnessed and ‘Alice What’s The Matter’ was ear shattering. ‘Discotheque Wreck’ was absolutely brutal and then Tony guided us around his house with absolute gusto. ‘Pretend Best Friend’ is always a crowd pleaser and it certainly lived up to its reputation tonight, followed by a personal highlight of mine which was the epic ‘Some People Say’ and then it was straight into ‘Middleman’ which was absolutely manic on all levels. Drawing the set to a close was an introduction to Tony’s new friend and then following that by posing the question as to whether we really would grab a tent and join them. 

Leigh anchored down the whole set from within the confines of his signature white suit, a true talisman and constant reliable force to be reckoned with while the kit was constantly battered and beaten as if Cameron’s life depended on it. The band briefly exited the stage before coming back to a heroic ‘Perseverance’ and those whales and dolphins before they bowed out to the PA blaring out Carly Simons ‘Nobody Does It Better’ which is pretty apt really because actually, no one does do it better. 

I was absolutely gutted I couldn’t be in Blackpool over the weekend for another dose of fun and entertainment from these proud Bradford sons, so I guess I will just have to live by one of Terrorvision’s own mantras and just simply ‘Daydream’.

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