Premiere: Post Yoga release video for brilliant new single, ‘Phil’

POST YOGA is the nom-de-plume of Bristol musician Chris Barrett, who began making music under that moniker after buying a £4 charity shop keyboard.

Recorded on the floor of his friends flat using just a cheap Yamaha keyboard (it’s sadly unclear if its the same £4 or another similarly procured model) he’s releasing a new single, “Phil”, and we’re delighted to premiere its new video right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track, Chris says: “I feel like this Phil, along with all the new material, is more refined. Having spent two years developing the project I have discovered what works and what doesn’t and I have gained a greater understanding of what I want the project to be, I believe that comes across not only in the song writing but in also the arrangement and production.”

Built on stark chords and deliciously cheap sounds, Phil nevertheless is a slice of perfect pop, albeit wonky – even subversive. As it unfurls, so the lines start to bubble and blur, but there’s something completely enveloping about it, pulling you into its strange, retro world with its persuasive melodies and hooks, and Chris Barretts airey vocals.

The accompanying video is similarly wonky, all cut ups and retro effects, perfectly in tune with the music it showcases. Check it out here:

Phil will be released on limited edition cassette on December 2nd, and will feature a cover of XTC’s “Making Plans for Nigel”. 

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