Track: Alus – Alustrious EP

Twenty year old Alus is on the way up. The singer, musician and entertainer, based out of New Jersey, has just released her debut EP, titled ‘Alustrious’. Dipped deep in RnB and sultry electronic based pop, Alus describes the mood of the EP as “It’s a lot of relatable music for everyone. I’m writing what I feel so some of it is fun, some is sexy, and some is just feel good music.”

The EP, hosted by DJ Epps, opens with Nobody, which marries this hip-hop beat and bursts of electric over her pop leaning vocal, where she alternates between this smoky, breathy delivery and something approaching the pipes of a Whitney Houston via a little bit of Madonna. Yeah, really.

What we do follows on with a similar theme (one that runs through the whole ep) that of lending her pop savvy vocals over a slightly 90s influenced RnB beat. It does have the advantage of an eminently catchy chorus, and serves as a good prequel to the follow-on Extraordinary, which features rapper Allegory within its sultry backing.

My Baby, My Love is a sweet Aaliyah like love song, and is followed by Relapse, which sparkles and glitters with these synth lines over this sweeping melody. Forever continues on a theme, and is again dominated by Alus’ vocal over this slightly sassy hip-hop shuffle underneath.

Chasing Miracles oozes this sexiness and catchiness that will probably make it rather a favourite, and cements Alus as something of a contender, before she finishes the ep by showing she can go leftfield, by covering Coldplay’s Atlas, giving it a real makeover.

It’s more than a solid opener from Alus. There are moments of real soul and real beauty in there, and she’s shown she’s able to set herself from much of the RnB chaff out there.

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