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Josh Kemp

Nottingham singer-songwriter Josh Kemp has returned with a brand new EP, titled A Wonderful World, complete with new music video for the single ‘U.R.’ The EP features previously released songs ‘Imaginary Friend’ and ‘Leap Of Faith’, and is available on Spotify now.

“The last 12 months have been pretty turbulent globally and personally,” Josh explains, choosing to focus on positivity rather than uncertainty, bringing a little light into people’s lives with small acts of kindness. He goes on to explain how “U.R. is dedicated to those who do incredible things every day, often unseen, but are lost in a sea of sensationalist headlines and celebrity culture.”

Josh isn’t all about false manifestos, rather, he puts his words into action as he actively supports local charities through his work and hosting charity fundraisers for those in need, namely Framework; Nottingham’s Homeless Housing Charity.

The video follows two possible timelines, playing parallel to each other, showing us the contrast between a high-flying, self-destructive musician and a doctor struggling to make ends meet. It’s punctuated with statements written on a whiteboard – “I made a lot of mistakes, and I’d do anything to make it right again…” – as we take this chance to confess our secrets and start anew.

‘U.R.’ is a delicate appreciation to your best friend, your soulmate, your love. The words “Cos U.R. my inspiration, and U.R. my only way outta here” suggest a rather co-dependent relationship, but Josh is careful to show us the balance of two characters who care for each other, supporting one another until the dark clouds fade away.

Josh Kemp has given us a chance to reflect on what really matters to us – is it celebrity culture, jumping from one high to the next? Or is it family, friendship, and love? Things aren’t so black and white but maybe it’s time for us to show what we really care about.

Watch the video to ‘U.R.’ below:


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