Oh, I could go on as usual about how the drums sound and how the vocals play over the the musical layers etc, but frankly I’m boring myself to death these days with the droning blocks of superlatives I use for every band that pricks up my ears these days, so let’s get down to brass tacks as they used to say for this one….

Band: Tempers

Who are they? NYC-based Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper

What kind of music is it: Dark Synth-Pop with post-punk influences

What’s the EP all about?

It’s about exploring the creative scenery of romantic illusions. Our need for them, how we justify them to ourselves, that moment when the imagined story line collides with reality. The ways we fictionalize people to fit into the narratives we have about love – to reflect our own beliefs, virtues and flaws. It is about celebrating fantasies swelling and getting undone, so we can pick up the pieces and craft new ones that serve us better” – Tempers

and musically?

Musically, ‘Fundamental Fantasy’ is an evolution in both song writing and process, while still tracing a clear line to their earlier output. Many of the EP’s melodies were born of live improvisation, which helped them create an instinctive, natural immediacy within their electronic arrangements. The cover of the EP depicts the duo on the volcanic island of Stromboli, where they performed at The Volcano Extravaganza, an art and music festival curated by The Vinyl Factory. “It is a perfect landscape to mirror the mood of ‘Fundamental Fantasy.’ A seemingly idyllic place that is isolated from the outside world.” – Tempers

and what do I think….

well, any band I happen to come across and want to see Live immediately says it all really, Tempers moody guitar/synth melodies, steady electronic beats and female sultry vocals draw you into a well crafted, catchy, dark synth pop world, a world you’ll find hard to let go. Now to see if their’s a night bus to NYC hmmmm!!

Check their sound out: (Track:Strange Harvest)





Track List:

  1. Tail in my mouth
  2. Further
  3. Terrible play
  4. Far
  5. Tail in my mouth (Joakim remix)


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